Most common question
about our services

Buildaholc is a Luxembourg property group with a clearly defined purpose to reimagine technological life. By creating beautiful electronic appliances, solar power, wind turbines and energy bulbs, real estate management and inspiring workplace precincts and thriving shopping centres, we aim to make a positive contribution to our cities, communities and the world at large

Buildaholc Group has been in operation since 2012.

Depending on the plan you select. Each plan have their respective duration.

Opening an account with Buildaholc Constructionis quite easy. You need to click on the registration link, fill in your details and you will be redirected to our portal. You can easily start using your dashboard

The minimum amount for deposit is 50 USD.

Withdrawals can be requested anytime and processed are processed immediately.

Once the withdrawal request is approved, it can no longer be cancelled. If the withdrawal has not been approved yet, you can cancel it through your portal, under Withdraw tab. There, you can see the pending request and cancel it by pressing on the bin under the Actions tab.